Paalala: Para sa kaligtasan ng mga kliyente ng Konsulado habang mayroon pang Covid- 19 pandemic, aanyayahin lamang po ang mga kliyente na pumasok sa konsulado sa oras ngkanilangcita/appointment. HindipokailangangmaghintaysalabasnaKonsuladopara pumila dahil ang may mga appointment po ang papapasukin sa oras nila. Para masiguradong magkakaroon ng dalawang metro na distansya ang mga kliyente bilang pagsunod sa Covid-19 safety measures, kung hindi pa oras ng inyong appointment, bumalik po sa tamang oras. 


IMPORTANT: Please read carefully and follow STEP 1 to STEP 4 for your application. Click on the links to download the forms. 

STEP 1 Secure an appointment 

Please visit and choose the service you need. An email confirmation will be sent you. If you chose the wrong appointment or date/time, please make sure to cancel the appointment to allow others to secure a booking. 

STEP 2 Prepare the following requirements: 

  1. Two (2) Originals of the Petition for Retention/Re-acquisition of Philippine Citizenship under R.A. 9225. (please click to download).
  2. Four (4) recent passport-sized photos (4.5 x 3.5 cm; front view) with white background. 

Original and three (3) photocopies of the following: 

  1. Philippine Birth certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).
  2. Certificado Literal de Nacimiento issued by the Spanish Civil Registry translated in English.
  3. Old/Latest Philippine passport of the data page. (In case of loss, the applicant shallbe required to submit an affidavit explaining the circumstances regarding the loss ofthe passport).
  4. Marriage contract (Only for female applicants using married surname)
  • If married in the Philippines: Marriage certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).
  • If married in a foreign country: Marriage certificate with ENGLISH TRANSLATION. 
   5.  Spanish Passport (Information Page).
   6.  Spanish DNI (Both sides of the card).
   7.  45 Euro (Cash Fee).

• For minors to be included in the petition, please bring the original and three (3) photocopies of the following:

  1. Certificado Literal de Nacimiento issued by the Spanish Civil Registry translated in English. 
  2. Birth Certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority. 
  3. Spanish Passport (Information page). 
  4. Spanish DNI (both sides of the card) 
  5. Philippine Passport (Information page). 
  6. 22.50 Euro (Cash fee).

STEP 3 As a safety protocol against Covid-19, the applicant is requested to:

1.  Make sure all the forms have been filled up and ready for submission prior to going to the Consulate.
2.  Bring all the requirements and a copy of this confirmation email.
3.  Only the applicant/s may enter the Consulate. Please come alone (no companions except if the applicant is a minor)
4.  Bring own pen.
5.  Wear a mask.

Do not come if you have a fever or other Covid-19 symptoms. Please reschedule your appointment using the links in the confirmation email sent to you.

Note: There is no need for minors to be present during the submission of requirements.

 STEP 4 At the Consulate: 

Personal appearance of the executor/signatory of the document is required. The original document must be signed in the Consulate.

For your own safety and comfort, please come at your scheduled time.

If you arrive earlier, you will be asked to return at your scheduled appointment. 

There is no need to ring the doorbell or knock on the door. You will be invited to enter the Consulate only at your appointment time to avoid crowding in an enclosed space.