The works of four Filipino filmmakers were shown at the Casal de Barri del Raval on 15 June 2022.

The films Somos Viajerxs (We Are Travellers) by Ms. AC Maria; 50CV by Mr. Rodel Juacalla Placino; A Violent Act of Love by Mr. Berjer B. Capati; and La Hija de Maria (Maria’s Daughter) by Ms. Kim Hernandez all depict the life of Filipinos in Barcelona and the different facets of Filipino values.

The filmmakers said that they collectively decided to join the festival to provide the local audience with an insight into the life of Filipinos in Barcelona, and a better understanding of why Filipinos, in general, act and feel the way they do as it is a manifestation of Filipino traits and traditions that they have long been accustomed to.  

“In this gathering, we would like to showcase Filipino talents and we hope that our films will be a testament to what we as filmmakers can accomplish” said Mr. Placino in his message to the audience. 

Ms. Hernandez in her parting message said, “I hope that the audience learned something from our short films and provided them with a glimpse of the closely-knit Filipino ties that define us as a group”.

The protagonists in the short film 50CV, Mr. Jake Ofrasio and Ms. Dominica De Chavez were both elated by the positive reaction elicited from the audience.  They were both glad that their films effectively imparted Philippine culture as well as the challenges and reality faced by overseas Filipinos in Barcelona.

Filipino filmmakers Berjer Capati, Rodle Juacalla “RJ” Placino and Kim Hernandez listening to an audio message of fellow artist AC Maria (from left to right)

50 CV short film artists Jake Ofrasio, Dominica De Chavez and Director RJ Placino with Cultural Officer Bernardo Bagalay (from left to right)


Spanish moviegoers watching the short film Somos Viajerxs